Media Sharing

Whether a class project, an important event or an instructional video – the Digital Media Studios can help you share your media with just a colleague or a class – or the whole world.

We manage three professional tools to facilitate media sharing:

Learn more about how we leverage these tools at “Where Does It Go?”

 Easy steps to getting your media shared.
  1. If you have an upcoming event or lecture you would like recorded – your first step is to schedule the event through Bates EMS. There is an option to request your event be recorded.
  2. Everyone visible and/or audible in your recording MUST sign a Bates media consent form.
  3. Upload the signed releases and fill out the required event info at our handy share my media page.
  4. Get the file to us (please note: for event recording, we ALREADY have your media file – we do, however, still need consent forms and metadata before we can publicly share your media).

We can work with almost any media file type. Please contact the DMS at x8341 and ask for Colin or Kristen for help.

Notice on Copyright

The Bates Digital Media Studios cannot and does not publish, post, or share copyrighted content without proper licenses and permissions.

If you believe we have shared something in error, please file a takedown request.