New Faculty Toolkit

Welcome to Bates! As an instructor, one of your most-frequently accessed resources will likely be Lyceum, our Learning Management System (also known as Moodle). You may have previously used Blackboard, Canvas, or another platform, and will find some similarities and differences from those. We have a large library of Lyceum tutorials, and have curated a subset of them to allow you to get off to a fast start as a new faculty member. Please contact us at with any questions.

I’m feeling overwhelmed. How do I get started?

Log into Lyceum using your Bates username and password (the same credentials you use to log into your Bates email). You’ll see your Dashboard and may have some questions about how to best filter, star, and navigate your courses. You’ll want to spend the majority of your time getting your course pages set up, using the Adding and Editing Content section of the linked tutorial.

Can students see the course while I’m working on it?

Courses are hidden from students until you elect to make them visible. Be sure to make them visible by the first day of class, otherwise you’ll have a mountain of email from students who can’t find the course! If the course is visible but some students still can’t find it, they may need to adjust their Dashboard course filter.

Can my students turn in assignments via Lyceum?

Yes! You can add an Assignment activity that will allow students to submit work via a digital drop box.

Can I give quizzes and exams?

You can, and there are a few ways of accomplishing that. Students can submit take-home exams using the Assignment activity. You can also create Quizzes for formative or summative assessment using a variety of media types.

How can I pre-record some lecture content?

We recommend using Zoom for quick and simple recording. You can record video of yourself, or overlay your video with slides for a screencast-style recording. Alternatively, you can record yourself speaking over a PowerPoint Slideshow and capture that as a video. Uploading videos to your Lyceum course substantially increases page load time, so we advise uploading them to YouTube and sharing the unlisted link, instead. Want to include captions? YouTube does that, too.

Can I cultivate discussion outside of class time?

One way to do this is to use discussion forums. Forums are very flexible and can be set up in a number of ways, including for group collaboration or as private journals. Additionally, forums can be graded.

I’ve got my course set up, but what about grading?

We have a comprehensive suite of tutorials, but you’ll want to start with initially setting up your Gradebook. We strongly recommend putting your Gradebook structure in place prior to the start of classes, as that minimizes your time investment. During the semester you can provide feedback to students about their grades using text, audio, video, or a combination of those methods. Audio and video feedback is an inclusive assessment practice that fosters connection with your students, with the additional benefit of saving you time over providing solely written comments.

Want to go deeper into using Lyceum? Peruse our extensive library of tutorials at your own pace.