Campus Connection Maps

Provide a dynamic, online map that is easy to maintain and update for the joint Downtown Educational Cooperative (DEC) and Harward Center project to create a college guide for Lewiston / Auburn. The project is completed using the Google Maps API to present the data. Additionally, we created a print map of selected locations for display in Commons.

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Harward Center/Americorp/DEC
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Harward Center/Americorp/DEC
implementation details:
Created set of maps that display information about locations around Lewiston / Auburn. The map displays data files created by the DEC people in google earth and saved as KMZ files. A custom Google Maps program reads the KMZ files and displays them. The data are managed by the clients (ie DEC). A print map generated from the KMZ data was created for posting in Commons using ArcGIS. Data imported using the Data Interoperability toolset.