Mapping in Geo107

Geology 107 (Field Geology of Maine) did an assignment call the Presidential Range Mashup. The end product was an annotated field trip guide with text, images and video clips. The GPS waypoints and tracks collected on the trip served as a framework for the guide. For each waypoint students embedded a digital image or a video clip, or both, describing the geology at that waypoint.The project is also the basis for a digital poster presentation in the following session of the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting:Topical session T149: Virtual Reality in Geoscience Education (Digital Posters)

crc affiliate:
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Dyk Eusden
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implementation details:
Provided lab module development consultation, including authoring lab materials on the use of required technology. Gave in-class presentation to students on how to use the technology. Edited manuscript for publication, and contributed to the construction of a digital poster for presentation at a national meeting.