Remote Exams FAQ

Curricular and Research Computing have curated a set of relevant resources in the event that faculty need to remotely administer exams or other assessments. Please contact us at with any questions.

Can I use Lyceum to administer exams and final projects?

Absolutely. We recommend you post your exam or project file as an assignment for your students to access, complete, and upload upon completion. This is a simple and efficient method of administering a take-home exam or collecting final projects. You can also create a Quiz, if needed.

Can I make exams and assignments available to groups and/or individual students?

Yes, you can. You can set up groups of students, or individual students, in Lyceum. Once those have been created, you can restrict activities to certain groups.

How can I grade exams in Lyceum?

Lyceum automatically grades Quizzes (with the exception of Essay questions, which are manually graded) and provides an interface for grading other types of Assignments. This interface allows you to assign grades and provide feedback to your students (including audio and video feedback). You can elect to release grades to all students at once.

Should you hold your exam outside of Lyceum, you can manually add those grades to the Lyceum Gradebook.

I have a student that requires extra time or attempts. Can I add those accommodations in Lyceum?

Yep! You can provide extra time or attempts for certain students to any Lyceum activity, such as Assignment or Quiz.