Conversations, Cookies, and Chai

If you were thinking “I’d love to have a chance to eat cookies and get to know the DCS faculty,” you’re in luck! This term, we’re launching our Conversations, Cookies, and Chai series!

Some of our chats will be about things we’re reading together (this term, we’re working on parts of Weapons of Math Destruction), some will be about the design and construction of DCS at Bates, and some will just be chill (but still with cookies and chai).

How can I find out more?

A natural question!

You could subscribe to our Events calendar. (You’ll actually need this iCal link; that one is just the fancy view.)

Or, you can write (or, really, any DCS faculty), and ask to be added to our dcs-announce list. We’ll use this to announce events, as well as other opportunities of interest to students and members of the community.

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