How To: Login to Ensemble

Illustrated Guide.

Ensemble Video is a hosted video service provided by the Digital Media Studios for academic use. It can be compared to YouTube or Vimeo but offers numerous advantages over those services. This tutorial covers how to login to Ensemble Video. For info on using Ensemble video, see our other helpsheets or visit our Ensemble page.

1. Open any Internet browser, and type in the following web address

2. Click the link that reads: “Login from Your Institution”.

3. From the list, under the heading Federation, select Bates College. This will give you the default “Organization” that starts with Select the default organization.

4. To save yourself from having to do this next time (good for one week) click the drop-down menu and select: “Remember for a week”

5. Click the Select Button.

6. You will be taken to to the federated login page (look familiar? We use the same service to authenticate [prove you’re really you] our connection to Google mail). Enter Your Bates Username and Password.

7. Congrats! You’ve now successfully logged in to Ensemble Video.


  • If this is your first time logging in and you wish to upload videos, please contact Colin Kelley [] to enable this feature.
  • For further information about using Ensemble Video at Bates, please visit