‘Cats on the Coast – Harvest Dinner Contest

A Commons Knight’s Journey

The Commons Knight has travelled to many places in the Lewiston / Auburn area.  Try to guess where he has travelled.  Below you will find 8 Locations that he has been.  Pay close attention to the details.  You will want to write them all down because once you start the contest you will only have one shot at it.  When you think you have all 8, click the “Start the Contest” Link on the bottom of this page. First prize goes to the first person to get all 8 locations correct, the prize is a $50 gift certificate to Davinci’s (get the medieval artist connection?), second prize is a $25.00 “knight at the Den” gift card and 3rd prize is a case of Body Armor energy drink.  Good Luck and safe travels.


Location: 1


Many years I stood watch. Some nights I was careless and got carried away, leaving my post.  Since then I was banished to the director’s office to contemplate the purpose of my work.  I made my escape and pray to find my way.  Where am I?

Location: 2


A big blade I carry, life on the mountain is not for me. I am no lumberjack.
Where am I?

Location: 3


I asked for advice from a renaissance man.
Where am I?

Location: 4


Sought sanctuary at many a home.
Where am I?

Location: 5


To seek strength from the god of thunder is asking for lightning in a can.
Where am I?

Location: 6


I walk the path of so many before me, the iron horse, so strong now gone.
Where am I?

Location: 7


Is there purpose for a tent with a hole?  I fear dragons less then the stage.

Location: 8

On the shore of new adventures, sink or swim I launch ahead, drinking in the freshness.
I can’t swim here? Never mind, onward!

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