Please view the frequently asked questions below regarding Dining, Conferences and Campus Events (DCCE) for Fall 2020.

How is DCCE working to create a safe and healthy dining experience for the student’s return this Fall?

With best-practice professional guidance, we have made a number of changes to the Bates dining program. We have:

  • Opened additional dining facilities to ensure physical distancing;
  • Moved to a Dash (grab-n-go) dining program;
  • Installed numerous sanitizing stations and implement a more aggressive disinfectant protocol;
  • Created an integrated signage program to assist with directional flow and queuing and compliance with important protocols.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Christine Schwartz, AVP Dining, Conferences and Campus Events, at or 207-786-8279.

How will these changes affect dining services?

All food will either be self-service (non-contact dispensers) or available pre-packaged. Catering services have been suspended, and we will not be providing food service to faculty and staff. Dining will not be open to the non-Bates public. We will move completely to a Dash (grab-n-go) dining program. The Dash program will provide a varied selection of hot and cold to-go menu options, including vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options.

Are students required to sign up for a Dash meal pickup time and location? How often and when do they sign up?

To spread out the number of diners in our facilities, we will require students, at the start of the semester, to create a schedule of their Dash meal pickup times and locations. From Monday through Friday, students will still need to schedule their lunch pick-up time/location. For breakfast and dinner on Monday through Friday, and for all weekend meals, students will have the flexibility to Dash without scheduling a pick-up time. Once a student creates their weekly schedule, it will remain in place through the end of each module, at which time they will create a new schedule for the next module.

What are the Dash pickup times and locations?

To view the available days, times and locations for Dash pickups, please go to the DCCE webpage and click on  “Hours of Operation” or click here.

***Important to Remember*** When picking up your Dash meals, please remember to bring a reusable bag with you to carry your meals.

How do I sign up for a Dash pickup time and location?

Students will sign-up for meal times/locations through the Garnet Gateway.

What happens if I miss my assigned Dash pickup time during the day?

In the rare instance this occurs, accommodations will be made. Continued inability to make the selected time/location will necessitate a change in the students meal schedule. If a student has a class conflict which precludes them from attending any meals periods, an alternate meal can be provided. Students falling in this category need to contact Kelly Perreault, Senior Administrative Coordinator for DCCE and Special Dietary Needs Liaison at

Can I change my assigned Dash pickup time and location during the semester?

Unfortunately, no. Once a student creates their weekly schedule, it will remain in place through the end of the 7.5-week Module.

Where can I eat my Dash meals on campus?

Outdoor Dining

Students may eat outside, weather permitting and with physical distancing.

Indoor Dining

For reasons of sanitation, trash removal, and adherence to our face covering policy, Bates must restrict students’ indoor eating to the following areas:

  • Residence hall lounges, with physically distancing
  • Residence hall room

(Bates employees must eat in their office, designated break areas, or outside. Wherever students or employees eat, physical distancing is required.)

Bates is increasing the amount of outside seating, and strategically placing waste receptacles to assist in the disposal of Dash food packaging. We’ll ask for help from the entire community in respecting this policy.

Will the dining facilities be open for faculty, staff and the community when students return to campus?

We will not be providing food service to faculty and staff at this time. Dining will not be open to the non-Bates public.

If I am not on the meal plan, can I pay at the door?

Dining will not be accepting payment at the door. Only students who are on the board plan will be allowed to enter the dining facilities.

Am I required to wear a face covering in Commons?

Yes, you are required to wear a face covering to enter Commons. Those students without a face covering will not be allowed to enter. Face coverings MUST be worn at all times when inside Commons.

Am I required to have my Bates ID to enter Commons?

Yes, students will be required to scan their Bates ID to enter Commons. Those students without a Bates ID will not be allowed to enter – no exceptions.

Can students bring their own re-usable containers into the dining facilities?

No. Re-usable containers will not be allowed into Commons.

Are students allowed to have guests at meals?

No. There will be no guest meals allowed and non-Bates students will not be allowed access to the dining facilities.

Will there be signage directing students of where to stand when entering the dining facilities?

Yes, there are dedicated traffic patterns and building flow indicators to assist with physical distancing. Signs have been placed throughout the dining facilities. In addition, floor decals have been placed on the floor for easy reference. Please maintain physical distance whenever possible and follow the signs and floor decals when queuing.

Is the process for napkin board requests changing?

This Fall we will move to an entirely virtual Napkin Board process and students will no longer be able to hang napkin requests in Commons. Due to changing and developing health regulations, this was a necessary move, but don’t worry! The napkin board respondent is still working hard. You can still expect quick and witty retorts to your requests. All responses will be posted online and in Commons.

Will the dining menu be changing?

All food will either be self-service through non-contact dispensers or available pre-packaged. The menu has been changed from a five-week format to a three-week format, allowing for more flexibility and quicker implementation of menu updates. Be assured: All your favorites have been included in the new menu format!”

How do I view the dining menu each day?

To view the dining menu, go to the DCCE webpage and click on the “Menu” tab or click here.

Who do I reach out to if I have a special dietary need or question about the menu?

  • For all dining questions other than those relating to a special dietary need: contact Christine Schwartz, AVP Dining, Conferences & Campus events  at, or 207-786-8279.
  • For special dietary needs: contact Cheryl Lacey, Director of Dining at or 207-786-8355.

How will I get meals if I am required to quarantine?

Students in quarantine will be asked to have a friend bring them meals for the time they are in quarantine (typically 24 to 36 hours). If a student is unable to have a friend bring them meals, or are on the board plan and live off campus, meals will be delivered to them. If this is the case the student will be provided instructions on how to access/order items from a special menu. These items will be delivered twice a day – brunch and dinner.

If I get sick with COVID-19 and need to be in an isolation house on campus, how do I access my meals?

Dining will deliver meals to all students required to isolate for the period of time they are in isolation. Students who are placed in isolation will be placed in locations that have been stocked with basic items (bagels, cereal, soups, beverages, snacks etc.) and will be provided with instructions on how to access/order items from a special menu. These items will be delivered twice a day – brunch and dinner.

Is DCCE still maintaining its sustainability practices?

We will continue to compost pre-consumer food waste (e.g., cold kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc.) and divert cardboard/tin/glass/plastic/pre-consumer paper from the waste stream. The biggest change is that we will no longer be sending post-consumer food waste (i.e., unconsumed food) to the pig farmer. We will not be opening the dish room this fall and have moved to single-use service ware. We chose a line of single-use products that are made from 100% recycled paperboard. While these products will not be diverted from the waste stream, we are doing our best to be good environmental stewards at the forefront. As you might imagine, this was a hard decision for us to make, considering that we have been a nationally recognized leader in sustainability since 2000, but weighed against the safety of our employees, there was no other choice.