Dear Commons, I know someone has addressed this issue not so long ago, but I don’t see any real change to the quality of Congee. It’s still quite inconsistent and loose. I know Commons has both the long-grain white rice and another kind which is more sticky. Maybe the sticky rice will work better. In the end, I’m always really grateful for all your hard work. Just hope Commons can be a even better place for all. Thank you!

Yes, we did take some feedback on this and adjusted the recipe. We are, in fact, using the sticky rice and have been but it is very difficult to maintain during the entire span of brunch due to the fact that the item sits in a heated steam well. Over time some of the liquid evaporates and the congee thickens too much and then needs to be thinned out again.

When made in small batches at home this is not a problem that occurs but it does in a high volume setting. We are trying some other techniques to deal with this so bear with us as we continue to work with it.

Thanks for writing,


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