Less Vegan desserts

So as Iwas strolling through commons, i notice on a daily that there is a large amount of vegan desserts, its nice for vegan people, but what about those who want sweet tasting desserts that are filled with sugar and butter to get through the hard times at college. Just consider putting out more non vegan dessets, or even putting the vegan desserts on the vegan side of commmons.

We produce one vegan dessert, one sugar-free dessert and two regular desserts at each lunch and dinner so we make twice as many vegan desserts already. Additionally, the amounts of regular desserts are also invariably greater than the amounts made of vegan or sugar-free desserts, which are sometimes fewer than 100 each. However, we also serve extras of any dessert not eaten at the previous meal so, at any given time, you could see those second service items.

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