New Turkey Burgers/ Corned Beef Hash is weak

What happened to the turkey burgers and the corned beef? The turkey burgers are now flavorless and are noticeably different in appearance. Are you buying the turkey burgers from a new source? The corned beef has is also very different, and much worse in my opinion. What’s happening?

The turkey burgers we used to carry were discontinued so we had to select a new product. The one we selected has no soy (a plus) and less fat (again, what would appear to be a plus.) On a small scale sample they performed wonderfully however, because of these differences, we have had to modify the cooking technique for larger scale service. We think we’ve perfected it now so please give them another try.

Interesting how people perceive corned beef. The corned beef we use on a regular basis is a canned, pre-made product. The last time we served corned beef we happened to have some fresh corned beef left over so we made some from scratch, as a special treat. Apparently you are more familiar with the canned version and prefer that instead. Rest assured, it is still the standard.

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