Commons Dining Options


Menu Options

Bates Dining offers a variety of selections daily to accommodate students’ needs. We realize every person has different preferences, and we strive to provide every student with healthy and enjoyable meal choices. On a daily basis you can expect the following options at each meal.

Basic Options

At every meal we have a basic variety of foods available. Not only do we provide over thirty different types of cereal, but we also offer bagels, fresh fruit, granola, low-fat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, nut butters, jelly, preserves, honey, crackers, margarine and cream cheese (low-fat and regular). There are also juices, a variety of milk and milk substitutes, coffees, teas, and fountain beverages.

Breakfast Options

Whether you’re on the go or ready for a hearty start to your day, Bates Dining has many options to offer you. We offer eggs to order, egg beaters, eggs and omelets(twice a week) cooked to order.  You will also find hot cereals and a waffle station daily.  At our breakfast bar you will find cottage cheese, sliced cheese and a large selection of fruits.  Donuts, fresh baked pastries, muffins,  and breads are located at the Bakery,  We also have over thirty varieties of cereal at our cereal bar.

Lunch and Dinner Options

We offer two soups (one vegetarian), a salad bar, a deli bar, pasta station, a brick oven station, a bobcat bar with hot entrees, a starch and vegetables and an assortment of desserts which include sugar free and vegan options, soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Our vegan bar offers two hot entrees, one hot starch, two hot vegetables, a cold bar with salads and homemade vegan gluten friendly hummus and fresh daily specials.