Dining Policies


  • Do not remove dishes from Commons.
  • Practice “Happy Tray” procedures by placing napkins in a napkin slot, silverware in a silverware slot and leaving Stonyfield Yogurt cups on the accumulator going to the dish room.
  • Shoes and shirts are required.
  • No food games.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Access to Commons is limited to those students who have the proper identification card and to guests who purchase individual meals or have been granted access by students using a guest pass.  Students who give their ID card to another person, share meals with someone not on the meal plan, carry food out of the dining hall or otherwise create a disturbance therein may be subject to fines, loss of dining privileges or the performance of community-service hours in Dining Services, as determined by Student Affairs.

Food Removal Policy:

Diners may eat as much as they’d like while in Commons, but the packing out of meals or bulk snacks is prohibited. If you are enjoying a treat on the way out that’s fine, but the removal of meals, bulk food or any Commons china, glasses or silverware is prohibited. Beverages may only be removed from Commons in a reusable container provided by the customer.

Board Plan Students:

◦If you have dietary restrictions that may require special accommodations or if you have a class conflict and need a bag lunch please contact Kelly Perreault, Senior Administrative Coordinator for DCCE and Special Dietary Needs Liaison, at kperrea2@bates.edu or x6299.

◦If your approved student organization will be away from campus and requires food, contact Catering Manager Donald Desrosiers at ddesrosi@bates.edu or x6298 at least five business days prior to your desired pick-up date.

Student with class conflicts

Bag lunches are available for those who are unable to eat in Commons due to a class conflict. A student wishing to order a bag lunch must see Kelly Perreault (207-786-6299 or kperrea2@bates.edu) in the Commons Main Office and fill out a form at least two days prior to the lunch needed.  Please bring your class schedule with you.  All bag lunches will be picked up in the morning.

Students leaving on approved academic, athletic, or organization trips

Catering arranges food orders for academic field trips, athletic events, and student organization trips at no charge for all participants on the board plan.  These orders should be placed for the entire group by the person in charge of the trip (eg. A professor or designee, a coach or responsible person of a student organization) giving at least a five business day notification prior to the event.  The organization, team or department will be charged only for those who are not on the board plan.

Ill Students

Students who are confined to Health Services will be provided with meals. Those students who cannot go to Commons due to medical reason contact Health Services or Kelly Perreault kperreau2@bates.edu to make dining arrangements.

Special Dietary Needs

If you have any food related issues or particular dietary needs, contact Kelly Perreault, Senior Administrative Coordinator for DCCE and Special Dietary Needs Liaison, at 786-6299 or via e-mail at kperrea2@bates.edu.