Current Students, Faculty & Staff

Bates is committed to diversity as a central tenet of the Bates education … and you are central to the future of the College.

Ultimately Bates’ goal is to enhance the ability of all members of the campus community — students, faculty, staff — to employ the creative tensions that accompany difference and develop more effective paths to understanding.

Faculty, staff, and students have lent their voices to a reaffirmation of the issues that have been integral to Bates since the beginning.

As the world changes, so, too, must Bates. Many campus groups continue to integrate goals for diversity and an inclusive climate into their organizations. New ideas are always welcome.

If you have a new idea to help move Bates toward these goals, send a brief description of what you have in mind to Leslie Hill.

A Bates for “coming time”

“If we want to prepare the brightest minds to lead and serve tomorrow, we must prepare ourselves as institutions to understand what [Bates founder] Oren Cheney knew, the importance of building institutions for coming time. … Bates is particularly well positioned to play a distinctive leadership role in realizing the meaning and value of today’s demographic changes …”

“Thinking about academic rigor and inclusiveness in the same breath … is in our institutional blood. The means to achieving and enhancing both must in many ways be different today than they were 150 years ago, or 50 years ago, and they will surely be different tomorrow — but the ends are the same as they always were at Bates: a type of excellence that is not elitist or self-serving — an education that prepares highly promising young minds from all backgrounds to work, to lead, to solve problems and to serve in the richly diverse and ever changing world.” Complete remarks…

— Elaine Tuttle Hansen