Prospective Students

For high school students who are considering a Bates education.

Cross-cultural learning is a lifelong process

The Bates education is designed to help you create a well-rounded life for yourself. The experience, both on-campus and off, is stimulating, challenging, and rigorous. You will discover eye-opening opportunities that can increase awareness of you own abilities and perspectives, and those of others.

The campus community is close-knit and open-minded, so you will be a readily-visible participant, sustaining a long tradition of excellence. You will be expected to find something that ignites your passions — a discipline, a theme, a cause —  and to take it forward.

If you decide you want to come here to Maine and to Bates — a place that may look different from where you live now — every new conversation, every single step you take will indicate you are willing to try something new, to change your life.

Companions on the journey

The Bates community is here to provide the challenges and support to see you achieve your goals. Whether it’s a question of expectations, of procedures, or simply of exploring the community, faculty, staff, and other students will be here to help you find your way.

What are the rewards?

During your years here at Bates, you will be able to take advantage of every kind of activity available to you here. You will learn to think about the world from multiple and broader perspectives. You will see life in a new way.

The challenges you encounter here may be similar to those you’ll encounter after your College career is over. Bates aspires to be the supportive environment that help you expand your zone of comfort.

A broader scope for changing times

“This college has made historic and heroic efforts over many years to live up to the ideals of its farsighted founders … But we inhabit space that remains under construction and demands now broader scope, as each new generation has to refashion its commitment to these foundational values in a way that recognizes and embraces changing times …

“We believe that living and learning in a broadly diverse community fosters the examined life, obliging us to think harder and expand our horizons. Only by moving outside of our psychological and social comfort zones can our human spirit grow, cognitively and personally.

“Community involvement and interest in the public good, moreover, are enhanced among students educated in heterogeneous postsecondary environments. And multicultural experience again broadly defined is particularly essential to students who will become leaders in an era of globalization.”

— Bates President Elaine Tuttle Hansen