Course Development

Short Term Innovation

Syllabus Development

  • Syllabus Design: A document with some questions about the course you want to create that will help you get started with your syllabus.
  • Gender Neutral Language: Using language in a syllabus is tricky. Use this document to help you use gender neutral language to make your syllabus more inclusive.
  • Learning Goals: A guide to creating learning goals for your course. We also include a set of instructions for entering those learning goals into the student evaluation of your course.
  • Sample Syllabus Language: A document with language that you can use as you build your syllabus.


  • The Bates Short Term Innovative Pedagogy program allows faculty to redesign or design anew a course in collaboration with students during the Bates short term. For more information on this program, please see the guidelines for proposals as well as the call for proposals.
  • Here is a document created by the Office of Intercultural Education that gives some suggestions as to how you can build an inclusive classroom.