Faculty Health and Testing

Is there a plan to do COVID-19 testing for staff and faculty before classes begin?
  • Yes. All faculty and staff will be asked to be tested for COVID-19 at the beginning of the semester, with follow-up testing as appropriate depending on such factors as the nature of the work they do and the extent of their contact with students. The college’s office of human resources has a web page with extensive information about testing plans and procedures for employees of the college.
What should a  faculty member do if they develop symptoms for COVID-19?
  • Contact your primary care provider (PCP) to discuss your symptoms to see if they recommend getting tested for the disease. Your PCP will guide you through the testing process and provide treatment advice; alternatively, you may call an urgent care clinic; Maine Urgent Care, for example, is less than two miles from campus on Sabattus Street.
What should faculty do if they test positive for COVID-19?
  • If you test positive, you are required, under the Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan, to contact the Dean of the Faculty and Human Resources within 24 hours.  You may contact Human Resources at HRCovid@bates.edu or by calling at 207-795-5100.
If faculty are on an extended absence due to COVID-19 will they continue to get paid?
  • If you are not able to meet your teaching obligations due to your absence you need to contact the Dean of Faculty (louellet@bates.edu) and Human Resources (HRCovid@bates.edu or call 207-795-5100).  Benefit-eligible faculty who qualify for Temporary Medical Disability Leave (TMDL) (as listed on page 2.4 of the Faculty Handbook) will have their contract paid during the module(s) that they were unable to teach up to a maximum period of six months.  
What happens to faculty on an extended absence due to COVID-19 that are not eligible for Temporary Medical Disability Leave?
  • Benefit-eligible faculty who are not yet eligible for Temporary Medical Disability Leave (TMDL) will have their pay handled in the same manner as those who qualify for TMDL under the new Faculty Pandemic Pay Policy.
  • If you are not benefit-eligible please contact Jason Scheideman in the Dean of the Faculty’s office to discuss your options.
Does Human Resources have a more detailed FAQ for employees of the college?
  • Yes. The Staff FAQ from Human Resources has additional information regarding college policies related to safety measures and health of all of its employees.
How will the College ensure that students continue their education in the event their instructor becomes ill?
  • The Dean of Faculty’s office will work with faculty members and departmental chairs in the summer of 2020 to develop contingency plans should they need help delivering their courses.