Freeman Foundation Grant


– Facilitating Student Travel to East Asia:
Students: March 1
Faculty: November 1

– Enriching East Asian Studies on Campus:
Faculty: September 27 & January 24

– Enriching Language Instruction:
Faculty: November 1

Generous funding from the Freeman Foundation and matching donors is available to support and enrich the study of East Asia at Bates College for the 2010-2011 academic year. The Bates College Freeman Grant Committee, which is charged with dispersing the funds from this grant, is now soliciting proposals. Our Freeman grant provides funds to support student travel to East Asia, theme- based on-campus activities and curriculum enhancements focusing on particular aspects of East Asia, and the enrichment of language instruction. The Committee welcomes proposals not only from faculty in Asian Studies, but also from faculty not directly part of the Asian Studies program who are interested in fostering learning and teaching about East Asia in other areas of the curriculum.

Awards Available and Selection Criteria
The Bates College Freeman Grant Committee will select proposals based on their academic merit, budget appropriateness, and ability to increase the strength and visibility of East Asian Studies at Bates College beyond the funding period. Applicants are encouraged to discuss the planning and logistical aspects of their projects with members of the committee prior to submission. Proposals involving the development of new course offerings should reflect prior consultation with and approval of the chair of the proposer’s department/program. Funds are available to support activities within the following three categories:

1. Facilitating Student Travel to East Asia:
First-hand experiences are essential for our students to develop a deeper understanding of Asia as well as to increase language proficiency. This component of the grant assists students undertaking travel to Asia, for example to take part in short term courses, summer research projects, and internships. The College has developed a number of competitive internship possibilities in East Asia which will be announced early in the winter semester. Students receiving awards to support on-site internships and travel for summer research will, upon returning to campus, submit reports including summaries suitable for posting on the Asian Studies website.

2. Enriching East Asian Studies on Campus:
Funds are available for a variety of on-campus and course-related activities, projects, and performances with content focused on East Asia. The funds may be used for curriculum development, the hiring of Learning Associates, and on-campus activities. Suitable projects include, but are not limited to, performances, films, lectures and other presentations, community and K-12 outreach activities, student research projects, and the development of short term courses and GECs.

3. Enriching Language Instruction:
Funding is available to increase the College’s East Asian language teaching resources. Particular emphasis is placed on increasing the amount and quality of time during which students engage in the practice of speaking and listening to native speakers. This might be achieved by expanding the role of an existing teacher or by hiring a new full-time teaching assistant to provide additional instruction and practice time.


How to submit a proposal
To apply for funds submit seven copies of a proposal that includes each of the following items. The items are arranged as a checklist so that you can ensure your application is complete. Applications are due in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.Please submit separate proposals for each project.

|__| Application Sheet On the application sheet, please include your name, the title of the project, and an abstract of not more than 150 words. Please check the categories for which you wish to be considered. Candidates may combine several categories in one proposal. Those receiving large awards in one category may receive lower priority in other categories.

|__| Proposal Please submit a two or three page description of the project. The proposal should describe how the project will enhance the study at Bates of East Asia. Please submit separate applications for separate projects. Please include a description of funding that you have obtained from other sources and that is pertinent to the project described in your proposal. Although awards from the Freeman grant can be combined with other awards, Freeman funds cannot be used for the expenses specifically funded by other sources.

|__| Budget Please include a detailed budget identifying all expenses of the project and a justification. Preference is given to proposals with specific, well-justified budgets

|__| Timetable Please include a timetable for the project. The project must be completed within the term for which it was awarded. An extension requires the written permission of the Committee.

|__| Chair Approval Please include a statement of support from department/program chairs for the development of new course offerings.

|__| Letters of Support & Additional Reference: For students only. Please include 1) a statement of support from a Bates Faculty member who has been consulted in the process of developing the project; 2) name of an additional reference; and 3) an official endorsement from the site supervisor representing the institution or individuals with whom you will be working and whose approval of the proposal is critical to its success. The letter should describe in detail the role and activities of the student, and should indicate any compensation the student may be receiving from the organization or individual. If the travel involves volunteer work, the letter of support must state how the agency itself will benefit from the proposed work.

Final report: Grantees are expected to submit to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty a brief final report on the project, with accounting expenditures, within sixty days of the end of the grant period.

Bates College Freeman Committee Members:
Professors Maggie Maurer-Fazio (Chair), Sarah Strong, Tom Tracy, and Shuhui Yang



Download the Faculty Application Cover Sheet: Word or PDF

Download the Student Cover Application Cover Sheet: Word or PDF