First Book Award

Application Deadlines: By 11:59 PM on 15 September 2019, 1 December 2019 and 27 April 2020 (The first day of Short Term)

The First Book Award, in the amount of $500, supports book-length publications and is open to all tenure-track and tenured faculty. Faculty applying for the First Book Award must have completed their first manuscript and must be formally and unconditionally under contract with a publishing house recognized in the research field of the applicant. Books must be single-author manuscripts, either monographs or collections of essays by the author. Volumes of previously published essays, self-published books, publications not pertaining to research interests of the applicant, collections of essays by more than one author, and conference proceedings are not eligible. The Award may support expenses related to the publication of the book such as indexing, proofreading, securing copyrights for images in the book, preparing materials and events to promote the book, subsidies requested by the publisher, workshops and seminars related to the publication, and other expenses directly related to the publication.

Recipients of the First Book Award cannot apply for another First Book Award for the same publication. They must acknowledge Bates College in the manuscript submitted to the publisher.

To apply: The application form should be submitted via the electronic form at the link below. The application includes the completed application form and a scan of the publishing agreement that indicates the date of the final manuscript delivery.

Please click here to apply for the First Book Award