Academic Department and Program Reviews

Since 1987, the College has sponsored a program for academic department and program review designed to assess departments’ and programs’ contributions to undergraduate education and support for student and faculty scholarship, acknowledge their progress and success, study the challenges they face, document their needs, and provide fresh observations from qualified professionals on ways to enhance the quality of faculty life and student life at the College.

Usually two departments or programs are under review each academic year. The process begins with a self-study conducted by the department or program faculty, based on guidelines developed by the division chairs. The second step is a review by a college committee of Bates colleagues from other departments or programs. This review is followed by a site visit and review by a visiting committee of colleagues in the discipline from other colleges and universities. As a final step, the department or program prepares a response to the dean and a plan for moving forward.

Throughout the process the department or program chair and colleagues have conversations with the dean and division chairs.

The guidelines and procedures for reviews are described in detail in the links below. For more information on the Department and Program Review process, please contact Kerry O’Brien (kobrien@bates,.edu or 786-6065).

Guidelines for Review

Guidelines for Selecting Committees

List of Reviews, 1987-Present