Classes & Students

A.  Reminders for Chairs

B.  Course-packs and Library Reserves
Course Packs :
Library Reserves :

C.  Copyright Statement

D.  Bookstore Online Order Form

E.  Important Dates from the Registrar

F. Advising Resources for Faculty and Students

G. Declaring a Major, Minor, and Concentrations and

H.   Advanced Placement Credit×1.pdf

I. Application form for an Interdisciplinary Major

J. Transfer Credit Application and Policy

K. Registration for 360 (Independent Study)

L. Transfer Credit for Off-campus Study for Majors, Minors, and GECs

M. Student Research Opportunities

N. Graduate Fellowship Opportunities for Students

O. Honors Program Calendar and Guidelines and Forms

P. Instructor’s Academic Performance Warning

Q. Statement on Academic Integrity

R. Course Evaluations

S. FERPA overview

T. FERPA tutorial