Table of Contents

Summary with links to each section

1. Table of Contents

2.  Dean of the Faculty’s Office
A. Dean of the Faculty Office Web site
B.  Dean of the Faculty Office Staff Contacts
C. General Calendar and Deadlines for Chairs and Faculty
D. Governance, Committees, Chairs, etc.
E. Faculty Handbook
F. Schedule of Faculty Meetings
G. General Academic Calendar

3. Department and Program Information
A. List of Division, Department and Program Chair
B. Schedule of Department/Program Chairs Meetings
C. Departmental Report request and guidelines – (under revision)
D. Department/Program Review format and estimated schedule
E. GRID / Workload planning Worksheet
F. Departmental Budget – See Doug Ginevan at Ext. 6093
G. Information for New Faculty
H. Academic Administrative Assistants, AIs, and Language TAs
I.  Classroom Committee Suggestion Form
J. Reserving rooms with R25
K. Catering and Catering Guide
L. Facility Services-Work Orders–See Bill St. Pierre at Ext. 6449
M. Your Department/Program Website

4. Professional Development
A. Leaves of Absences, Pre-Tenure Leaves, and Sabbaticals
B. Course Reductions
C. Professional Activities Report
D. Internal Funding Opportunities
E. Grants from the Harward Center for Community Partnerships
F. External Funding Opportunities
G. Forms: Travel & Reimbursement

5. Personnel
A. Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotions
B. Replacements, Authorization, Recruitment, and Hiring

6. Courses and Registration: Nuts and Bolts
A.  General Information from the Registrar
B.  Registration Overview
C.  CARS-Course Proposal System
D.  Cross-listing Courses
E.  Community-Engagement Course Components
F.  First-Year Seminars: Information and Proposal Form
G.  Advising guidelines for Faculty and Students
H.  Extra-cost Short Term Courses

7. Classes and Students: Nuts and Bolts
A.  Reminders for Chairs
B.  Course-packs, Library Reserves, and Online Resources
C.  Copyright Statement
D.  Bookstore Order Form
E.  Important Dates from the Registrar
F. Changing Advisors and Substituting Advisor for Faculty on Leave
G. Declaring a Major, Minor, and Concentrations
H.  Advanced Placement Credit
I. Application Form for an Interdisciplinary Major
J. Transfer Credit Application
K. Registration for 360 (Independent Study)
L. Off-campus Study Applications – Off-campus Study Office
M. Student Research Opportunities
N. Graduate Fellowship Opportunities for Students
O. Honors Program Calendar and Guidelines and Forms
P. Report of Academic Deficiency
Q. Certification of Major for Graduation from the Registrar
R. Statements on Plagiarism
S. Course Evaluations
T. FERPA overview
U.FERPA tutorial