Workload Planning

Department and program Chairs provide workload plans to the Dean of the Faculty by February 1. Included below are:

  • The 2009-2010 workload planning worksheet to be filled out by Chairs.
  • A sample workload planning worksheet.
  • A list of each department’s and program’s active courses, their general education attributes, enrollment caps, and presence or absence of prerequisites (as of 1-19-09).
Workload Planning Worksheet
Sample Workload Planning Worksheet
AAS Attributes
ACS Attributes
ANTH Attributes
ASIA Attributes
AVC Attributes
BIO Attributes
BIOC Attributes
CHEM Attributes
CMS Attributes
ECON Attributes
EDUC Attributes
ENG Attributes
ENVR Attributes
GEO Attributes
GRS Attributes
HIST Attributes
INDS Attributes
MATH Attributes
MUS Attributes
NRSC Attributes
PE Attributes
PHAS Attributes
PHIL Attributes
PLTC Attributes
PSYC Attributes
REL Attributes
RLL Attributes
SOC Attributes
THRH Attributes
WGST Attributes