Institutional BioSafety Committee

Charge of the Committee: This committee is composed of at least five members who monitor and oversee all research and educational activities involving biological hazards, including recombinant DNA and infectious agents. Among these five members, two must be unaffiliated with Bates. For protocols involving animals or plants that include biological hazards, federal guidelines require a plant expert or animal containment expert to be included as members on the committee when reviewing related protocol applications. The committee is responsible for review and approval of all protocols that involve biohazardous agents; ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines; and provide guidance to the Bates community on biosafety policies and procedures.

Committee Members:

  • Aimee Eldridge (community member)
  • Dr. Jenae Limoges (CMMC, community member)
  • Andrew Mountcastle
  • Paula Schlax
  • John Smedley
  • Jessica Smith (chair)