2016-17 Consolidated Faculty & Chairs Deadlines & Meetings

The following meetings will be held as listed and the items are due by the dates noted.  Please see the specific guidelines for submission.

August 31:

  • Department/Program Chairs Retreat – 12:00 PM  –  5:00 PM in Commons 221/222

September 1:

  • Faculty to notify their dept/program chair of their 3-year plan of leaves and intent to apply for: Enhanced sabbatical, Leave of Absence, Phillips Fellowship, Pre-Tenure leave, Sabbatical, and Course reduction.
  • Chairs to aggregate the individual 3-year plan of leaves.
  • Dean of the Faculty’s office sends Chairs its record of faculty eligible for leaves for the next three years.
  • Dean of the Faculty’s office send Chairs information about the Lectureships eligible for renewal.
  • First Year Seminars begin at 9:00 AM

September 5:  Personnel letters due for promotion and/or lecturers

September 6:  Convocation at 11:00 AM in the Historic Quad

September 7:  Fall ’16 semester begins

September 12:  Faculty meeting with reception immediately following at President Spencer’s house, 4:15 PM in Pettengill G52 (Keck)

September 15:

September 20:  Last day for fall semester registration adjustments (adds) for all students – instructor permission is required.

September 28:  Department/Program Chairs meeting, 4:15 PM in Commons 221/222

September 30:  New Faculty submit their course proposals for Winter 2017 on Garnet Gateway.

October 1:

  • Faculty submit Extra Cost Short Term proposals with approval from Chairs to the Off-Campus Study office for review by the Off-Campus Study Committee.
  • DOF sends Chairs an updated, final list of anticipated 3-year plan of leaves

October 7 – 9:  Back to Bates: Homecoming and Parents and Family Weekend

October 10:  Faculty meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie Archives, Rm 201. 

October 13: 

  • Faculty submit their Extra-Cost Short Term course for approval using the online course proposal system in Garnet Gateway (under the Course Maintenance menu).

October 15:

  • Faculty submit Short Term 2017 new course proposals, due REGISTRAR
  • Chairs submit electronically their Intent to submit a full proposal for authorization of a faculty position via the Intent to Apply form

October 19 – 23:  Fall Recess

October 23-24:  Board of Trustees fall meeting

October 26:  Department/Program Chairs meeting, 4:15 PM in Commons 221/222

October 28:  Last day for withdrawal from fall semester courses (drops) for all students.

October 29 – Nov 4:  Registration for winter semester

November 1:

  • Personal letters due for tenure
  • Faculty submit an electronic application for Enhanced sabbatical, Sabbatical, Leave of Absence, Pre-tenure leave or Course reduction.
  • Chairs submit an electronic request for Replacements and Additional courses for faculty receiving Phillips Fellowships or applying for an Enhanced sabbatical, Sabbatical, Pre-tenure leave, Leave of absence, and Course reduction.

November 7:

  • Faculty meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie Archives, Rm 201. Phillips Dinner and Presentation immediately following in Benjamin Mays Center.

November 15:

  • Draft Short Term 2017 schedule available for faculty to review.
  • Faculty submit proposal for new Fall 2017 FYSs to REGISTRAR.
  • Chairs send titles and instructors of First-Year Seminars to Margaret Imber (mimber@bates.edu).  Questions on satisfying the W1 requirement for FYS courses can be directed to Daniel Sanford (dsanford@bates.edu).”

November 19 – 27:  Thanksgiving recess

November 20:

  • Chairs submit corrections to the draft Short Term 2017 schedule to REGISTRAR.
  • Faculty submit petitions for Winter 2017 semester courses to REGISTRAR.

November 30:  Department/Program Chairs meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie Archives, Rm 201

December 5:

  • Faculty meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie Archives, Rm 201.  Phillips Fellowship Dinner and Presentation immediately following in Commons 221/222.
  • Winter 2017 registration adjustment period (add/drop) opens for all students.

December 9:  Classes end, fall semester, 4:00 PM

December 13:

December 14:  Department/Program Chairs meeting4:15 PM in Muskie, Rm 201

December 17:  Final examinations end, 12:30 PM

December 17 – January 8:  Holiday recess

December 29:  Faculty submit Fall 2016 final grades to REGISTRAR

January 5:

  • (Chairs) Grids available in Garnet Gateway for Fall 2016, Winter 2017, and Short Term 2017; AY2017-18 Course planning also available in Garnet Gateway.

January 9:

  • Classes begin, winter semester, 8:00 AM
  • Faculty meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie Archives.  Phillips Fellowship Dinner and Presentation immediately following in Commons 221/222.

January 15:

  • Returning Faculty submit proposals for new courses for Fall 2017, Winter 2018, and Short Term 2018 on Garnet Gateway – due REGISTRAR.
  • Registrar sends 2016-17 Catalog matter to Chairs and concentration coordinators for review and revision.

January 16:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – workshops take the place of classes

January 20:

  • Last day for winter semester registration adjustments (adds) for all students – instructor permission is required.
  • Chairs submit Fall 2017, Winter 2018, and Short Term 2018 grids, including FYS instructors and titles to the Registrar on Garnet Gateway.
  • Chairs notify DOF (mgresh@bates.edu) no later than January 31st of their plans for replacing positions and courses (i.e. broad search, rehire, etc.)

January 25:  Department/Program Chairs meeting, 4:15 PM in Commons 221/2222

January 28 – February 3:  (Students) registration for Short Term off-campus and alternate date courses.

February 1:

  • Chairs submit electronically Full proposal for faculty positions to mgresh@bates.edu
  • Chairs submit Lectureship Position Authorization Request form to DOF mgresh@bates.edu

February 6:

  •  Faculty meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie Archives, Rm 201
  • (Students) deadline to confirm off-campus study (including all study abroad) for AY2017-18.
  • Draft Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 schedules available for faculty to review.

February 15:

  • Personnel letters due for reappointment
  •  Department/Program Chairs meeting, 4:15 PM in Commons 221/222

February 18 – 26:  Winter recess

February 19:  Chairs submit corrections to the draft Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 schedules –  due REGISTRAR

March 3: Last day for withdrawl from winter semester courses (drops) for all students

March 4 – 10:  (Students) Registration for on-campus Short Term and Fall semester

March 6:  Faculty meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie Archives, Rm 201

March 15:  Chairs and concentration coordinators send 2017-18 catalog revisions to REGISTRAR

March 22:  Department/Program Chairs meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie, Rm 201

March 25:  Faculty submit student petitions for Fall 2017 semester courses to REGISTRAR

March 28:  (Students) Short Term 2017 and Fall 2017 registration adjustment (add/drop) opens


March 31:  Mt. David Summit

April 1:

  • Notification of approved authorizations
  • Faculty submit applications for additional faculty travel funds to Jason Scheideman.

April 3:  Faculty meeting, 4:15 PM in Muskie Archives, Rm 201

April 7:  Classes end, Winter semester, 4:00 PM

April 11:  Final examinations begin, 8:00 AM

April 15:  Final examinations end, 12:30 PM

April 15 – 23:  Spring recess

April 24:  Classes begin, Short Term 2017, 8:00 AM

April 26:

  • Faculty submit final grades for Winter 2017 to REGISTRAR
  • Department/Program Chairs meeting, 4:15 PM in Commons 221/222
  • (Students) Last day for Short Term 2017 registration adjustments (adds)

April 28: (Students) Last day for withdrawal from Short Term 2017 courses (drops)

May 1:

  • Faculty submit your field(s) of expertise keywords into grid & forward to Lori Ouellette
  • Faculty meeting 12:00 Noon in Commons 221/222

May 17:  Department/Program Chairs meeting, 4:15 PM in Commons 221/222

May 25:  Last possible due date for Winter 2016 deferred grades for seniors – REGISTRAR

May 27:

  • Deadline to notify Registrar’s office of any senior failing a Short Term 2017 course,12:00 PM
  • Classes end, Short Term 2017, 4:00 PM

May 28:  Commencement – Class of 2017

June 7:  Faculty to submit final grades for Short Term 2017 to REGISTRAR

June 10-12:  Reunion Weekend (Class of 1961 being celebrated)

June 15:  Faculty submit Professional Activities Report (PAR) to Alison Keegan

June 30:  Fiscal Year End – Faculty and Chairs submit all invoices to Accounting Office.

August 15:  Chairs send electronically their departmental/program Annual Reports to Meg Gresh