"Gen Ed Blues"

Music and lyrics by John Smedley, June 3, 2003

My spirit is broke, our GenEd is a joke, we’ve got to turn it around
(turn it around)
Some icebergs out there, are causing me despair, my canoe runs aground
(runs aground)
But with colleagues in tow, and trepidation I go, won’t let it get me down
(get me down).

Well, reality, in its totality, is just too much for me (much for me)
I’ve got to break it down, spread it all around, amongst the faculty (faculty)
But Distribution you see, isn’t all it should be, to the Academy (Academy)

We’ve got disciplines here, interdisciplines there, it’s such a mess (such a mess)
If we do arrange, to make a substantive change, then how will we assess
(will we assess?)
What our students should know, how their lives will go, and will they pass the test
(pass the test?)

If your process is good, and you knock on wood, then you’re getting close (getting close)
Don’t use e-mail, it’s sure to fail, you’ve got to be verbose (be verbose)
It’s through the politics, that your changes will stick, that’s what matters most (matters most.)

You’ve got to know what you do, you’ve got to think it through, with your pedagogy (pedagogy)
Be smart, be strong, with colleagues get along, promote some unity (unity)
Maybe Catawba brew, and a raft trip or two, and you won’t go wrong
(won’t go wrong)

Thru a storm of hail, set your felucca a-sail, for horizons anew (horizons anew)
Put on wet suits, pluck those low-hanging fruits, and don’t you fail
(you won’t fail)
Intentionality, is the key you see, and I mean it, I do (mean it I do).

Cruising down the Nile, we start to smile, and the wind is free (wind is free)
Along every mile, we see crocodiles, from the faculty (faculty)
We say ‘come for the ride,’ and feel warm inside, don’t put the bite on me
(bite on me.)

With a sip of Gaff Light, we’re feelin’ alright, we’re on our way (on our way)
Watch those whirlpools, they can give you the blues or make fellucas sway (fellucas sway)
Oh the dogfish may bite, but keep the boat aright, and you’ll win the day
(win the day.)

Now we’ve got it done, the battle is won, and to Asheville we go
(Asheville we go)
Gonna strut our stuff, but not act too tough, just let everyone know
(let everyone know)
That we’ve stayed our course, we have a plan to endorse, we’re smellin’ like a rose (like a rose)

We’ve had the GenEd Blues (GenEd Blues)
We’ve had the GenEd Blues (GenEd Blues)
We’ve been payin’ our dues (payin’ our dues)
With these GenEd Blues (GenEd Blues)

We’re in debt it’s true, to the AACU
(We’re in debt it’s true, to the AACU)
We’re in debt to the AACU – for losin’ the GenEd Blues