Getting Help

Below please find brief descriptions of the academic support resources available to faculty as well as the academic support organizations and links to their websites and staff.

If you are not sure who to ask for help, please contact Margaret Imber. If you need help with technology, please contact email Curriculum and Research Computing ( It should be noted that Stephanie Wade, Bridget Fullerton, and Ande Alford are able to assist faculty on an as-needed basis over the summer. See the Writing at Bates and / or Math and Stats workshop pages for more information.

Academic Support Organizations

Accessible Education and Student Support


The Office of Accessible Education and Student Support is “committed to ensuring full access to both academic and co-curricular programming college wide for students with disabilities.  We also serve as a resource to faculty and staff and work collaboratively with campus partners to remove barriers to access and implement solutions.” They have a remote learning resource page, and the staff can assist you as you integrate inclusive practices into your courses.

Digital Media Exchange (Equipment Borrowing)


ILS’ Curricular and Research Computing (CRC) runs the Digital Media Exchange (DMX) at Bates College that is located in the basement of Pettigrew Hall. The DMX has a wide variety of equipment available to the Bates community for short term loan.

ILS Curricular and Research Computing


ILS’ Curricular and Research Computing (CRC) group “contributes to the academic mission of the College by providing programs and services that help the faculty and students easily and effectively use information technology in their teaching, learning and research.” The group provides workshop programming on a wide array technology from video to lyceum and the staff are available for consultation at any time over the summer.

ILS Research Librarians


The Research Librarians in Ladd Library have made a wide variety of resources available to faculty for both research and teaching. Their staff are available for consultation, and they have prepared a remote teaching resources page.

Mathematics and Statistics Workshop


The Mathematics and Statistics Workshop (MSW) supports students in introductory level courses that have a quantitative component. The MSW has resources on remote learning for your students, and also resources for faculty. Contact a member of the staff for consultation.

Writing @ Bates (and Academic Resource Commons)


According to its website, “Writing @ Bates supports a vibrant culture of writing, reading, and critical thinking at Bates College by supporting students, faculty, and staff in the use of writing across the curriculum.” The W@B professional staff can assist you in scaffolding the writing curriculum in your courses as well as in crafting assignments.

To better understand some of the support available to your students, the Academic Resource Commons (ARC) has a web page for students relaying the support services they provide for remote learning.