2019 Sigma XI Nomination

Please use this form to nominate an individual student for Associate Membership based on your assessment of their aptitude for scientific research. Eligibility for Associate Membership (Sigma XI Guidelines): Any individual who has, through initial research achievement in a field of pure or applied science, shown aptitude for research which is expected in due course to lead to the fulfillment of the requirements of full membership, is eligible for election to associate membership by a chapter or club or the Committee on Membership. Research aptitude specified for election to associate membership must be evidenced by independent investigation ordinarily resulting in a written report, which must be available to the Committee on Admission if requested. If the work is "classified", it shall be assessed for the committee on Admission by a "cleared" Member. Associate membership is offered to encourage young investigators with promise to continue careers in research. In making the nomination, both the nominator and the seconder attest to the nominee's potential for future promotion to Member.


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