Designating a Scientific Reasoning Course: [S]

When you request S designation for a course on the Garnet Gateway, you will be given the following information and be asked to respond to the questions below.

To qualify for designation as a scientific reasoning course, a substantial portion of your proposed course should be designed to further students’ understanding of the process of scientific reasoning, the development of theories that unify a broad range of scientific evidence, and the extent to which the reliability of conclusions is influenced by the quality of that evidence.

Please check the criteria listed below which will be met by your proposed ‘S’ course. To qualify as an ‘S’ course, the Registrar anticipates that at least three of these criteria should be met. If your proposed course does not meet at least three of the criteria but you think it should still qualify for an ‘S’ designation, please use the comments box to provide an explanation. Note that scientific evidence as used here is defined as data collected or observations made in a systematic way. If more than one instructor will be teaching the proposed course, all must agree that the course should be designated as an ‘S’ course.

1. This course includes elements that demonstrate the process of scientific thinking.

2. This course includes examinations of the ongoing development of theories, especially those used to describe the phenomena of the empirical world.

3. This course involves students in learning reasoning skills that enable them to derive conclusions which are based upon scientific evidence.

4. This course involves students in learning the skill of critiquing and evaluating scientific evidence and its limits.