The Modular Calendar

What are the weekly course-work expectations for students in the modular calendar?
  • For each course, students will be expected to complete 24 hours of work per week divided between faculty instruction and student work out of class. See this information sheet from the Registrar for more information about how faculty can use their contact time.
How will students register in the modular system?
  • Students will still register for a semester at a time, registering for both modules in a semester at the same time. For returning students already registered for fall, their courses will be migrated to the A and B modules and new grid time slots. They will have an opportunity to review their schedules and make any adjustments in August in advance of fall classes starting. Detailed registration information will be sent to students and faculty in July.
How will incoming First-Year students register for the fall?
  • Incoming students will register for their First-Year Seminar (FYS) during the week of July 13-17. FYS instructors will then have their list of advisees and first-year students will complete the remaining registrations later in the summer. Additional registration information will be sent to students and faculty in July.
What are the rules governing student course credits?
  • Students must take a minimum of 1.0 credit in each module and the standard load is 2.0 credits in each module. Students may not take more than 5.5 credits in the semester (across the two modules) without first obtaining permission from the Academic Standing Committee.
How many courses can faculty teach during a module?
  • Faculty can achieve their full teaching load of 5 courses in two ways: 
    • Option 1: Faculty teach one course in each module and one short term course. 
    • Option 2: Faculty teach one course in each of three modules and two courses in one of the modules. 
How will Bates identify the module during which a course will be offered?
  • The Schedule of Courses in the Garnet Gateway will identify which module each course is offered in, or if it spans both. The Schedule search page will allow for a search by module.
How will the college advertise and register students for classes such as thesis that span the full semester instead of one module? 
  • Students already registered for these courses will remain in their section and those not yet registered will have an opportunity to do so prior to the start of the fall semester. Semester-long courses will carry 1.0 credit and the Schedule of Courses will identify the section as semester-long.