Using Bates’ Facilities

Will faculty and students be able to use classrooms for scheduled or spontaneous meetings during the coming year?
  • It will be possible for students and faculty to reserve classroom space using EMS as long as they do not exceed the posted maximum number of people and adhere to social distancing and masking policy. Spontaneous classroom use will also be allowable under these circumstances. With that said, current college guidelines encourage remote office hours and meetings via videoconferencing whenever possible as a best practice for social distancing.
Will Faculty and Staff be able to use Bates’ indoor athletic facilities in the 2020-21 academic year?
  • No. All of Bates’ indoor athletic facilities will be open only to students. Faculty and staff, except those staff who work in the buildings, will not be allowed to enter or use indoor athletic facilities. For more information about athletics including outdoor options for the coming year, please see this web page.