Keith Taylor

Lecturer of Earth and Climate Sciences
Carnegie Science Hall, Room 212

Keith Taylor is a Bates graduate having majored in Geology a few years back.  He has an MS degree in Geology, and is currently a consulting environmental geologist in New Hampshire and Maine.  Keith’s work focuses primarily on groundwater, contaminated site investigation and remediation, geochemistry, and water supplies.  Some of you may recognize him as a recent guest lecturer in Hydrogeology (EAES 226)!

Keith currently works with two recent Bates geology graduates at a mid-sized consulting firm in Westbrook, Maine, and he just hired a new graduate from Colby.  He is available to provide guidance on jobs in Environmental Consulting and Hydrogeology.   Keith’s father was a geology professor and his cousin is a geologist, so it is clearly in his blood.  Keith will be teaching a class “tailor” made for him this fall: EACS 114 – Water in Maine.