Mindy Nicewonger


Department of Earth and Climate Sciences
Email: mnicewon@bates.edu


Ph.D. Earth System Science 2019, University of California – Irvine

B.S. Meteorology 2013, Texas A&M University


Dr. Nicewonger is an Earth and Climate Scientist specializing in atmospheric chemistry and composition. She has worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) researching how climate change impacts the natural emissions of stratospheric ozone depleting gases. Her doctoral work aimed to answer the question of how wildfires changed in the past and what this could entail for our future earth. To answer this question, she used polar ice cores, samples of ice from Greenland and Antarctica that contain tiny bubbles of ancient atmosphere. She has traveled to and lived at the South Pole for several months. Dr. Nicewonger is a proud first-generation college graduate and a fierce advocate and leader for inclusivity and diversity in STEM.