Senior thesis involves the culmination of one or more semesters of original research and the synthesis of this research into a substantive paper. This capstone project demonstrates students’ ability to think critically and comprehensively about their chosen research material and to distill these data into a well supported, cohesive argument. Students communicate their work in written and oral form to a wide range of audiences including professionals in the field and community members. Many graduating seniors find the thesis both the most rewarding and the most challenging facet of their education here.

At Bates, faculty advise student theses on a range of topics. To get a sense of what is possible in EACS, have a look at the list of theses and e-copies of theses that have been done over the last several years.

List of EACS/Geology Theses (2011- Present)


Owen Daniell – Geology – Post cleanup composition and geochemical analysis of historic gold processing residues – First Advisor: Beverly Johnson

Olympia Fisher – Geology – Quantifying Changes in Snow Melt Conditions and Water Equivalent as Result of Arctic Warming in Linnédalen, Svalbard – First Advisor: Michael Retelle

Peter Galloway – Geology – Geometry of Brittle and Ductile Bedrock Structures Influencing Groundwater Hydrology Adjacent to the Chlor-alkali Superfund Site, Berlin, NH – First Advisor: Dyk Eusden

Liza Folsom – Geology – Bedrock Geology, Geochronology, and Tectonic History of the Bronson Hill Anticlinorium in Northern New Hampshire – First Advisor: Dyk Eusden

Summer Dias – Geology – Impacts of sea-level rise, accretion, and subsidence on recent changes in elevation of the Sprague Marsh in Phippsburg, Maine -First Advisor: Beverly Johnson

Briana Karboski – Geology – The effect of tidal flow restriction on carbon density in Sprague and Small Point marsh, Phippsburg, Maine – First Advisor: Beverly Johnson

Evelyn Randazzo – Geology – Flow banding formation in spherulitic felsic dikes at Mt. Jasper, Berlin, New Hampshire

Tommy Sheils – Geology – The Nature of the Bronson Hill Anticlinorium – Central Maine Terrane Contact in the North Berlin 7.5” Quadrangle, New Hampshire – First Advisor: Dyk Eusden

Carolyn Snow – Geology – A Comparison of Sediments from Above and Below a Tidal Restriction and the Proposed Geologic History of the Back River Marsh, Woolwich, ME– First Advisor: Beverly Johnson


Christopher Sargent – Geology – Estimating the Displacement on the Norumbega Fault System Using Quartz Microstructures – First Advisor: Calvin Mako

Emma Wheeler – Geology – Hydroclimate Reconstruction in the Changing High Arctic Maritime Environment, Linnédalen, Svalbard – First Advisor: Michael Retelle

Hannah Johnson – Geology – Late Glacial to Holocene Sea Level History of Kapp Linné, Svalbard, Norwegian High Arctic – First Advisor: Michael Retelle

Emily Erard-Stone – Geology – The Effects of Fluorine on the Viscosity of Melts in the (Na, K) ALSiO4-SiO2 System – First Advisor: Genevieve Robert

Forrest Hamilton – Geology – Impact of Lead Mining on Sediments in a Proximal Pond to the Mascot Mine in Gorham, New Hampshire – First Advisor: Beverly Johnson

Samuel Kent Onion – Geology – A Historical Account of Atmospheric Lead Deposition in Basin Pond, Fayette, Maine – First Advisor: Beverly Johnson


Michael Cooper – Geology – Exploring the Possibility of Liquid Immiscibility in the Ste. Dorothée Sill near Montréal, Québec– First Advisor: Genevieve Robert

Carter Goodell – Environmental Studies – Assessing the effectiveness of a salt marsh restoration project in Georgetown, Maine


Hazel Cashman – Geology – The Alderbrook and Riverton Stages of Glacial Lake Israel and their Significance to the Indigenous Peoples of the Israel River Complex

Nicholas F. Barker – Environmental Studies – An Investigation of a Buried Sand/Stump Horizon in Scarborough Marsh

John Doyle – Geology – Eelgrass Bed Carbon Storage in Casco Bay

Ashley L. Kulesza – Geology – Assessing the Amount of Carbon Stored in Maine Salt Marshes

Gabriel H. P. McGinn – Geology – Sediment trap analysis in high-arctic lake Linnévatnet indicates a recent shift in the annual hydrological regime

A. Douglas McNab – Geology – A Zooarchaeological and Paleoclimate Analysis of Gadus Morhua Otoliths Recovered from the Sandwick South Site, Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

Thorn King Merrill – Geology – Structure and Kinematics of the Jefferson Oliverian Dome in the Southern Half of the Mt. Crescent 7.5’ Quadrangle, New Hampshire

Kurt A. Niiler – Geology – Bedrock Mapping of the Southern Portion of the 7.5 Minute Mt. Crescent Quadrangle, Northern New Hampshire

Sam Rickerich – Geology – The postglacial sea level history of Ingøya, northern Norway

Hannah Rae Slattery – Geology – Urbanization: Impact on Dissolved Oxygen and Sedimentation in the Hart Brook Watershed (Lewiston, Maine)

Mary Elizabeth Szatkowski – Geology – Analysis of Thermal Properties of Permafrost, and Modeling


Madeline Stella Bruno – Geology – The effect of fluorine on melt viscosity in the NaAlSiO4 – KAlSiO4 system

Olin Rico Carty – Geology – The Effect of Fluorine on the Viscosity of Jadeite-Leucite Melts

Kelsey Chenoweth – Geology – Methane Emissions Above and Below a Ditch Plug, Sprague River Marsh, Phippsburg, ME

Erik James Divan – Geology – Salinic to Neoacadian Deformation within the Migmatite Zone of the Central Maine Belt in Western Maine

Ian W. Hillenbrand – Geology – Newly Discovered Albee Formation in the Northern Half of the Jefferson, NH 7.5’ Quadrangle: Detrital Zircons, Structure, and Tectonics

Colin Robert Kraft – Geology – Petrology of the hastingsite-riebeckite Granite of Mt. Cabot, NH

Claire Lockwood Markonic – Geology – A Mid-Late Holocene Multi-Proxy Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Northern Finnmark Using a Sediment Core from the Island of Ingøy, Norway

Noel L. Potter – Geology – Late-Season High-Sedimentation Events in a Sediment Trap Record from Linnévatnet, Svalbard, Norway

Yacine Sylla – Geology – Stable Isotopic Evidence for Nutrient Cycling at Two Zostera marina Meadows in Cape Cod, MA

Audrey Wheatcroft – Geology – Bedrock Geology, Stratigraphy and Geochronology in the Migmatite Terrain of the Southern Gilead 7.5’ Quadrangle, Western Maine

Gwenyth Williams – Geology – Paleoenviromental Reconstruction from the Sediment Record of the Varved Proglacial Linnévatnet, Svalbard, Norwegian High Arctic

Daniel Stames – Geology – Assessing the effectiveness of using Typha as a proxy for estimating seasonal methane emissions on Maine’s southeastern salt marshes


Christopher William Bradbury – Geology – The Influence of pressure and temperature on the metal-silicate partitioning of V, Cr, and Mn: implications for the formation of the Earth’s core

Andre Brittis-Tannenbaum – Geology – Monitoring the Effects of Marine Derived Nitrogen due to an Alewife Migration at Nequasset Lake, Woolwich, Me

Jordan Leigh Cargill – Geology – Structure and Geochronology of the Jurassic Pliny Range Caldera Complex: 7.5’ Jefferson Quadrangle, Northern New Hampshire

Nicole Marie Cueli – Geology – Recent Changes To The Dynamic Sandy Beach System At The Mouth Of The Kennebec River, Mid-Coast Maine

Cailene M. Gunn – Geology – Methane emissions along a salinity gradient of a restored salt marsh in Casco Bay, Maine

Sarah G. Koe – Geology – Applications of LiDAR in the study of landscape geomorphology, Sandwich Range, White Mountain National Forest

Megan J. Lubetkin – Geology – Hydrothermal oxide and nontronite deposits at Seamount 3, Wolf-Darwin lineament, Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador

Samuel Zimet Mark – Geology – Mid-Holocene Marine Paleoclimate Reconstruction Through Schlerochronological Analysis of Arctica islandica from Finnmark, Rolvsøya, Northern Norway

Christiane P. McCabe – Geology – High Resolution XRF Sediment Analysis of Late Season Precipitation Events in a High Arctic Glaciated Watershed: Svalbard, Norway

Elizabeth Weis Patterson – Geology – Stocks and Sources of Carbon Buried in the Salt Marshes and Seagrass Beds of Patos Lagoon, Southern Brazil

Julia Margaret Savage – Geology – A Late-Holocene Marine Climate Reconstruction Using the Bivalve Arctica islandica from Northern Norway

Rebecca Anne Smith – Geology – The Effect of Na:K Ratio on Melt Viscosity within the SiO2-NaAlSiO4-KAlSiO4 System

Sarah S Stanley – Environmental Studies – Climate Change In The Canadian Arctic


Eleanor D. Briggs – Geology – Mobilization of Metals by Fungi in Historic Cemeteries

Timothy D. Campbell – Geology – A Paleolimnological Study Reconstructing Organic Carbon Accumulation and Climate History; Mealy Mountains, Labrador, Canada

Michelle Devoe – Geology – Deformation Post-Doming: New mapping of the Oliverian Jefferson Dome, Mt. Dartmouth 7.5′ Quadrangle, New Hampshire

Christine Elizabeth Dong – Geology – Analysis and Comparison of Physical Properties and Morphology of Impact Melt Flows on Venus and the Moon to Determine Atmospheric Controls

Sean W. Enos – Geology – Reconstruction of the Post-Glacial Formation of the Peddocks Island Salt Marsh, Hull, MA

Benjamin Gray Merkert – Geology – Paleoclimatic implication of lake sediment geochemistry in Linnévatnet, Spitsbergen, Svalbard

Graham Grear Oxman – Geology – Petrogenesis and Paleostress Analysis of the Mesozoic Mill Brook Dike Zone in the Mount Dartmouth 7.5′ Quadrangle, New Hampshire

Tess L. Walther – Geology – Analysis of Sediment Traps in Linnévatnet, Svalbard for Reconstruction of Annual Sediment Flux and Lacustrine Processes

Sarah Mei Xiao – Geology – Bedrock Geology of the Mt. Dartmouth 7.5′ Quadrangle, New Hampshire


Saebyul C. Choe – Geology – Petrographic Analysis and Tectonic Implications of the Plutons in the Gilead 7.5 Quadrangle: Connections to the Piscataquis Volcanic Arc and Sebago Batholith

Cameron A. Held – Geology – Using LiDAR to Map the Geomorphology of the Swift River Region of the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

Cameron Russ – Geology – Stable Carbon Isotope Analyses of Sediment Cores and the Origin of the Sprague River Marsh, Phippsburg, Maine.

Joshua T. Sturtevant – Geology – LiDAR as a Tool for Lineament Mapping and the Reevaluation of Bedrock and Glacial Geology: Examples from the Mount Moosilauke Region of the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

Sula Q. Watermulder – Geology – Depositional Setting and Deformation History of Central-Western Maine: Silurian Stratigraphic Revisions for the Newry-Gilead Region

Alexandra Michelle Balter – Geology – A Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Linnédalen, Svalbard using Geochemical and Productivity Proxies

Megan L. Kearns – Environmental Studies – Water Quality and Phosphorus Budget of Lake Auburn in Auburn, Maine

Sarah May El Assaad – Environmental Studies – Monitoring Sedimentation Patterns and Inlet Migration at Popham, Seawall and Small Point Beaches, Phippsburg, Maine


Chester Chiao – Geology – Assessing the impact of marine-derived nutrient on nitrogen cycling in Nequasset Lake in reponse to the 2012 migration of anadromous alewives (Alosa pseudoherangus)

Colin W. Dowey – Geology – 600 Years of Late Holocene Climate Variability Inferred from a Varved Proglacial Sediment Record Linnévatnet, Svalbard, Norway

Lauren Brett Farnsworth – Geology – A Geomorphic and Sedimentological Study of the Periglacial Processes and Environments, Vardeborgsletta, Western Spitsbergen Svalbard

Amanda LaFarge Goss – Geology – Analysis of brittle Paleogene structures in the Svea region, eastern Spitsbergen, Svalbard

David J. Harning – Geology – A geochemical investigation of Late Holocene lake sediment cores from Pyramid Lake, Fiordland, New Zealand

Conor M. Maginn – Geology – Variations in hypoxia and productivity along the Oregon Margin during the Younger Dryas and Early Holocene

Margaret Alice Pickoff – Geology – Maine’s blue carbon: estimating carbon stocks in Maine saltmarshes

Amanda Lee Wescott – Geology – Tracking Seasonal and Storm Induced Recession of the Popham-Seawall Barrier Beach Complex, Phippsburg, Maine

Rachel C. Morrison – Interdisciplinary Studies – Isotopic Reconstructions of Swordfish Diets in the Gulf of Maine

Caroline Watson – Environmental Studies – The Effects of Storms on Stream water Chemistry and the Seasonal Patterns of Ions in Tributaries of Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire


Brigit Anderson – Geology – cretaceous unroofing history from apatite fission-track ages, cog railroad Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Colin H. Barry – Geology – A Study of the Impact of Ditch-plug Alteration on the Hydrogeology of the Sprague River Marsh, Phippsburg, Maine

Heather A. Doolittle – Geology – Determining P-T Paths of Metamorphism Based on Mineral Textures and Pseudosection Analysis in Small Point, Maine

Ian T. Dulin – Geology – New Evidence of a Post-Laurentide Local Cirque Glacier on Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Jennifer A. Lindelof – Geology – Bedrock and Groundwater Interaction: Tracing the Potential for Cation Contamination in Groundwater, Small Point, Maine

Jennifer A. Lindelof – Geology – Using Sedimentary and Geochemical Proxies for Little Ice Age Climate Climate Change Reconstructions, South Mainland Shetland

Peter Kent Miller – Geology – Kinematics of the Phippsburg Shear Zone at Hermit Island and the Wood Islands, Small Point, Maine

Haley Russell Sive – Geology – The Structure and Stratigraphy of Small Point, Maine: D3 Inverted Transtensional Map-Scale Folds of Neoacadian Provenance

Elizabeth Emily Sonshine – Geology – The Characterization of Organic Carbon from Sedimentary Cores from Zostera marina beds, Maquoit Bay, Casco Bay, Maine

Ethan O. Yackulic – Geology – Evaluation of the response and recovery of a forested watershed to human disturbances based on a multi-proxy analysis of sediments in Trout Pond, Lyme, NH


Gregory Edward Flynn – Geology – Nitrogen Isotopes in Zostera marina: a Potential Indicator of Anthropogenic Nutrient Loading in Casco Bay, Gulf of Maine

Carrie Maxene Harris – Geology – Stable Isotopic Shifts in Late Holocene Fish Bones from Multiple Archaeological Coastal Middens in Penobscot Bay, Maine

Carter A. Kindley – Geology – Paleostress Analysis of Mesozoic Extension in Fractures and Basalt Dikes, Great Gulf, NH

Ingrid Knowles – Geology – A Biogeochemical Study of Ditchplug and Natural Pools in Sprague River Marsh, Phippsburg, ME

Keegan Timothy Runnals – Geology – The Vogar Fissure Swarm, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland: Aseismic Kinematics of an Oblique Rift Zone