100- and 200-level Electives

The Economics Department welcomes non-majors to its courses. The most popular courses for non-majors are the two introductory courses, 101 and 103, and several 200-level courses are open to students who have completed 101 and/or 103.

Majors may count one 200-level Economics elective toward their major requirements. Other 200-level courses that may take the place of the 200-level Economics elective towards the major requirement are:

ANTH 339. Production and Reproduction.
HIST 297. Money, Magic, Myths, and Markets: Capitalism in Latin America.
MUS 394. Music, Business, and the Law.
PLTC 222. International Political Economy.
SOC 260. Economic Sociology.

Complete descriptions and any prerequisites can be found in the College Catalog.

Short Term

The Department also offers Short Term courses. Secondary concentrators only may count one Short Term unit towards their secondary concentration. Short term courses do not typically count towards the major.

Complete descriptions and any prerequisites can be found in the College Catalog.


The Department of Economics does not offer a minor.