Off-Campus Study

Most students have found that off-campus study and work opportunities are very rewarding.

Because the Economics Department believes these programs are a vital ingredient of the Bates experience, we urge students to investigate them. Students who are studying away under a Bates-sponsored program can automatically transfer four courses per semester back to Bates for college credit, as long as their grades are adequate. In order to receive credit towards the economics major, however, individual courses must be approved by the Economics Department Chair. Students who study away on a Leave of Absence do not have any credits automatically transferred to Bates. Each course must be approved individually for both college credit and major credit.

Whenever possible, courses to be taken off campus should be approved in advance if they are to count toward the economics major. Your advisor can help you with this type of planning.

In planning your off-campus study, bear in mind that three out of the four Economics core courses (250, 255, 260, 270) must be taken at Bates. Also, regardless of the courses taken while away, you must take two 300-level electives at Bates.

Please review additional details at FAQs on Off-Campus Study.

If you would like to apply for transfer credit toward the economics major, please fill out the Application for Economics Transfer Credit after reviewing the above information.