George Perkins

George M. Perkins

Visiting Associate Professor of Economics



Pettengill Hall, Room 270


Ph.D. in Economics, Boston College
A.B. in Economics, Honors Program, Boston College

Fields of Interest:
Public Finance, Not-for-Profit organizations, Monetary and Financial Economics.

Selected Publications:
John F. O’Connell and George M. Perkins, “The Economics of Private Liberal Arts Colleges,” Journal of Business. 76, 3 (July, 2003).

John F. O’Connell and George M. Perkins, “In Search of the Unknown,” Economic Letters, 74 (2002), pp. 407-414.

George M. Perkins, “Wealth Neutralizing Grants and the Price Elasticity of Public Education,” American Economic Review, September 1984, pp. 814-819.

George M. Perkins, “The Demand for Local Public Goods: Elasticities of Demand for Own Price, Cross Prices, and Income,” National Tax Journal, December 1977, pp. 411-421.