Nathan Tefft

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Nathan W. Tefft

Associate Professor of Economics



Pettengill Hall, Room 274


Tefft’s research reflects his interests in risky health behaviors and health policy. He has worked on projects studying outcomes including obesity, smoking, vaping, mental health, alcohol consumption, fatal automobile crashes, and dietary supplements, typically in the context of labor markets, macroeconomic fluctuations, or government policies that impact these behaviors.

He has also been involved in interdisciplinary projects that more broadly intersect with public health and public policy.  Some examples include the relationship between health and early childhood intervention programs, soft drink tax policies, SNAP participation, dietary supplements, and drunk driving.

Tefft also serves as an Associate Editor for Health Economics.

He teaches courses in health economics, microeconomics, econometrics, and statistics.

Outside of his academic work, he serves as a board member of Onpoint Health Data, board member and Treasurer of the Friends of Baxter State Park, and is always looking forward to the next opportunity to camp and hike with his family. He also enjoys CrossFit, running, skiing, and playing with his kids in whatever activity currently excites them.

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A. in Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A. in Mathematics, Williams College

Fields of interest:
Applied microeconomics and econometrics with topical interests in health, labor, and public economics.

Selected publications:

Cotti, Chad, Erik Nesson, and Nathan Tefft, 2018. The Relationship between Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes: Evidence from Household Panel Data. Journal of Health Economics, 61: 205-219.

Tefft, Nathan, 2018. The Economics of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance.

Cotti, Chad, Erik Nesson, and Nathan Tefft, 2016. The Effects of Tobacco Control Policies on Tobacco Products, Tar, and Nicotine Purchases: Evidence from Household Panel Data. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 8(4):103-23.

Cotti, Chad, Richard A. Dunn, and Nathan Tefft, 2015. The Great Recession and Consumer Demand for Alcohol: A Dynamic Panel-Data Analysis of U.S. Households. American Journal of Health Economics, 1(3): 297-325.

Cotti, Chad, Richard A. Dunn, and Nathan Tefft, 2015. The Dow is Killing Me: Risky Health Behaviors and the Stock Market. Health Economics, 24(7):803-821.

Tefft, Nathan, 2011. Insights on Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance, and Mental Health. Journal of Health Economics, 30 (2): 258-264.

Fletcher, Jason M., David E. Frisvold, and Nathan Tefft, 2010. The Effects of Soft Drink Taxes on Child and Adolescent Consumption and Weight Outcomes. Journal of Public Economics, 94 (11-12): 967-974.