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Call for Available Internship Positions:

In February of every year, Patricia Buck, Education Internship Program Coordinator, reaches out to local institutions, organizations, and agencies with a call for available internship positions for the subsequent academic year. Site supervisors at participating institutions, organizations, and agencies send Patricia a brief description of a prospective internship position and the desired qualities of an intern.

Finding a Match

Patricia revises individual descriptions as necessary adding language about departmental requirements of the internship as well as application deadline and selection procedures. The call-for-applicants along with complete position descriptions goes out to Education students early in March. All internships are filled on a rolling basis from March until early in September. When an applicant’s materials are complete, Patricia sends them along to the appropriate supervisors and provides an online introduction via email between the supervisor and candidate. Supervisors are invited to communicate with the prospective intern via email and to set up interviews as needed. During these initial communications between prospective interns and supervisors, supervisors are encouraged to describe the duties and responsibilities the intern would take on. Such conversations would also include the intern’s anticipated schedule. Supervisors should let Patricia know whether or not they would like to take the intern on within two weeks of receipt of the applicant’s materials. Patricia communicates final decisions to the candidates. The site supervisor and intern determine the exact beginning and ending dates of the internship and the intervening the schedule the intern will follow.

On-Site Supervisor’s Responsibilities

Provide a description of available internships for the subsequent academic year to Patricia Buck by March of every year.

Review incoming application materials and communicate with applicants as desired; i.e. via email, phone, or in person interviews.

Communicate with Patricia about whether or not there is a match between applicant and position within two weeks of receiving application materials.

Meet with new interns within the first two weeks of the internship and explicitly discuss expectations, duties, and responsibilities.

Ensure that the intern completes roughly 3 hours at the internship site every week and communicate with Patricia if any problems arise in the intern’s ability to meet internship responsibilities.

Provide necessary training and guidance to ensure intern is able to meet internship responsibilities.

Complete departmental mid-term and final evaluations of the intern(s).


Internship Timeline