Bates Infectious Disease Vendor & Contractor Policy

Last updated June 13, 2022

The goal of this policy is to keep the Bates College campus community safe, and to ensure all those that are working on campus, including vendors and contractors, are adhering to all college and government‐wide requirements during a pandemic.  This provides a centralized resource to assist our vendors and contractors on compliance with all CDC and state Workplace Safety guidelines, OSHA standards, and the State of Maine requirements as they relate to COVID‐19.

Notification of Campus Policies and Practices

Outside vendors and contractors must be informed of college policies, specifically detailed in the Bates Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan, the constituent policies therein, campus updates, and current campus visitor and employee policies. College policies will be amended as necessary based on transmission rates and public health risks. These changes will be communicated to employees by e-mails and campus signage, and must be communicated to vendors by the hiring employee.

All vendors and contractors working on campus must comply with this plan as well as all applicable state, local, and federal guidelines, and directives. If policies and directives are not followed, the vendor /contractor will be removed from campus, and the vendor/contractor will not be allowed to return to campus unless they exhibit that they can comply with the plan and policies.  

Vendors and contractors must provide their company‐specific pandemic policies (if available) to the college.  

Vendors and contractors who are experiencing symptoms of COVID–19 infection shall not perform services on the Bates campus under any circumstances; these individuals should contact health providers and follow their company policies.