Ecology and Economics of the Environment

Ecology and Economics of the Environment Major Concentration Requirements

The following required courses for this concentration are in addition to the ES major core courses.  Courses completed in this concentration can not count towards the core course requirements.

1.  Both of the following biology courses:

4. Both of the following economics courses:

  • ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
  • ECON 222 Environmental Economics

5.  One of the following statistics courses:

6.  One of the following intermediate economics courses (some courses have prerequisites):

7.  One of the following 300-level courses (some courses have prerequisites):

  • BIO 313 Marine Ecology/Lab
  • BIO 332 Ecology and Evolution of Mutualisms
  • BI/ES 333 Genetics of Conservation Biology/Lab
  • ECON 309 Economics of Less-Developed Countries
  • ECON 325 Prices, Property, and the Problem of the Commons
  • ENVR 223 Biodiversity Conservation: History, Culture, Power
  • ENVR 310 Soils/Lab

All of the courses required for this concentration are listed on the Ecology and Economics of the Environment major declaration form.