Ecology and Earth Systems

Ecology and Earth Systems Major Concentration Requirements

The following required courses for this concentration are in addition to the ES major core courses. Courses completed in this concentration can not count towards the core course requirements.

  1. Two of the following natural science courses, which must be taken at Bates (no AP credit), each from a different department:
  • BIO 195. Lab-Based Biological Inquiry.
  • CHEM 108A. Chemical Reactivity/Lab.
  • EACS 103. Earth Surface Environments and Environmental Change/Lab.
  • EACS 104. Plate Tectonics and Tectonic Hazards/Lab.
  • EACS 107. Katahdin to Acadia: Field Geology in Maine/Lab.
  • EACS 108. Global Environmental Change.
  • EACS 109. Global Change/Lab.
  • Math 106. Calculus II.
  • Math 205. Linear Algebra.
  • PHYS 106. Energy and Environment.
  • PHYS 107. Introductory Physics of Living Systems I/Lab.
  • PHYS 108. Introductory Physics of Living Systems II/Lab.
  • FYS 274. Physics in the Twentieth Century/Lab. (counts as a physics course)
  • FYS 476. Coastal Hazards. (counts as a earth and climate sciences course)
  1.  Two of the following elective courses:
  1.  One of the following methods courses:
  1.  One of the following 300-level ecology or earth systems courses:

All of the courses required for this concentration are listed on the Ecology and Earth Systems major declaration form.