Environment and Human Culture

Environment and Human Culture Major Concentration Requirements

The following required courses for this concentration are in addition to the ES major core courses.  Courses completed in this concentration can not count towards the core course requirements.

1. One of the following

2.  One of the following environmental history courses:

3.  One of the following courses in rhetoric, literature, or visual studies:

  • AVC 285. Renaissance and Post-Renaissance Gardens and Landscape Architecture.
  • AVC 377A. Picturesque Suburbia.
  • ENG 395K. The Arctic Sublime
  • ENVR 308. Urban and Regional Food Systems.
  • ENVR 319. Imagining Climate Change.
  • ENVR 334. Living with Animals: Perspectives from Literature and Film.
  • INDS 321. AfroambienteEscritura negra y medio ambiente.
  • RFSS 100  What is Rhetoric?

4.  One of the following environmental philosophy courses:

5.  Two additional courses  (one at the 300 level) from environmental philosophy, literature, rhetoric, visual studies or environmental history above, or one of the following:

All of the courses required for this concentration are listed on the Environment and Human Culture major declaration form.