Student’s Responsibilities

All Environmental Studies majors in the graduating class of 2021 must satisfactorily complete an internship related to the environment. These internships must be sponsored by an organization which agrees to evaluate the student at the conclusion of the service. The sponsoring organization must provide an internship that relates to the natural and/or built environment and may include schools, legislatures, private companies, outdoor recreational groups, environmental advocacy groups, law firms, or government agencies. (Academic research or internships requiring only manual labor do not qualify for this requirement.)

The student’s responsibilities are:

  • To secure a sponsoring organization, and identify an individual who will  be responsible for overseeing the internship and writing an evaluation of the student’s work.
  • To complete the application prior to commencing the internship and the evaluation after completing the work.
  • To perform to the best of one’s ability the tasks assigned by the sponsor, bearing in mind that the internship is part of an academic obligation and that a student is a representative of Bates. Keep in mind that the sponsor is voluntarily and freely giving time and attention. Provide the sponsor with benefits in turn.
  • To perform to the best of one’s ability the tasks