Final Thesis Procedures

Structure of the Thesis

Title Page

Each thesis should begin with a title page that provides the title of the document,  the affiliation, author’s name, location, and date. Along with the inclusion of these components, language is included that indicates that the document is in partial fulfillment for the Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree. (See Thesis title page for an example.)

Acknowledgement Page

A thesis may have an acknowledgement page. It follows the title page and precedes the table of contents.

Table of Contents with List of Figures and Tables, if applicable

A thesis also includes a table of contents showing chapter numbers, titles, figures, tables and the page on which each begins; it also lists appendices, bibliography, and any other additional work.

Abstract (optional)

A thesis may have an abstract.  It follows the table of contents.

Submission of the Thesis

Advisor’s Copy of the Thesis

Upon completion of a thesis, each student needs to consult with their thesis advisor(s)  to determine the proper format for submitting a copy to them.  If a printed, bound copy is required, the ES Committee requires double-spaced, 2-sided copies, using mirrored margins of 1.25 inches on the inside edge.  These margins can be set in the Print options of WORD. Special paper is not required.  If an electronic version is required, the advisor(s) will specify the format for delivery.

ES Program Copy of the Thesis

The ES Committee requires that each student upload a copy of their final thesis to the Bates digital archive SCARAB.  Prior to uploading the thesis, each student must print out a copy of the SCARAB Authorship, Access, and Embargo Form and bring it to their faculty advisor(s) for discussion and signatures. Once signed, submit the form to Camille Parrish who will retain it for the ES Program.

Upon completion of the SCARAB Authorship, Access, and Embargo form, the student can upload their thesis to SCARAB.  Step by step instructions for this process are contained in the following document: Uploading-to-SCARAB.

Both uploading the thesis to SCARAB and submitting SCARAB Authorship and Embargo form are required for graduation.