Thesis Poster Presentations

Environmental Studies Thesis Poster Presentation

All Environmental Studies majors participate in public poster presentations as part of the thesis process. A poster session is organized for Wednesday in the last week of the fall and winter semesters during which each senior completing their thesis during that semester presents a poster. For two semester and honors theses, a poster is required in both the fall and winter semesters. The exact dates for the poster sessions will be announced at the beginning of each semester by the ES Chair. Consult with your advisor regarding the expectations for the posters. Online resources are available to assist you with poster planning and execution.The Bates Imaging Center is also available for assistance and students are highly encouraged to use these resources. Printing of the final posters is completed by Bates Post & Print. Students applying for admission to the college honors program will make an additional public presentation to the ES Committee faculty. You should plan on attending all poster sessions: your questions and feedback are important to your fellow students, and will also help you with your own thesis.