Housing Inspection Program

Bates Environmental, Health and Safety Department staff conduct a two phase proactive inspection program of residential spaces to promote a safe living environment. Inspections are conducted in all on-campus, college-owned student residences.

Phase 1 – Monthly documented inspections of common areas. These inspections are necessary to ensure that hallways, stairwells, kitchens and other common areas are clear of obstructions and unsafe conditions.

During September and January (first inspection of the semester) items left in hallways and stairwells will be tagged with a warning. During all other monthly inspections, items left in hallways and stairwells will be removed.

If prohibited items or unsafe conditions are encountered during phase 1 inspections, EHS staff will confiscate and resolve the hazard immediately.

Work orders will be submitted for any areas needing attention from Facility Services as observed by EHS staff or as requested by students.

Phase 2 – Announced and documented room safety inspections. Each semester, every student room is inspected for fire safety violations. These inspections are necessary to ensure safe conditions are maintained in dorm rooms and college policies are followed.

Room safety inspections will be announced. Rooms that have been inspected will be tagged, so residents that were not present during the inspection will be informed of the result. Inspection results will be documented and submitted to DOS staff.

During phase 2 inspections, students may be contacted, items may be confiscated, hazards may be resolved, warnings or fines may be issued, Security may be called to investigate.

Housing requirements are detailed in the Residential and Dining Policy here.

Phase 1 and 2 inspections are documented and reported to Student Affairs, Office of Residential Life and Health Education and Security and Campus Safety.