Affirmative Action Policy

This policy is under review and subject to change. We will be guided by these principles until the review is completed.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion exists primarily to implement the college’s plans for increasing the racial/ethnic and gender diversity on campus. The Office also assists in the development of personnel policy in an effort to assure equality of opportunity. The Office may from time-to-time become involved in campus issues that affect the atmosphere for women and racial/ethnic minorities. The Office also serves to facilitate communication between Bates and the various off-campus organizations that promote such diversity. In carrying out the responsibilities stated above, the director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion will have access, when needed, to information or documents designated as confidential by the President and/or Trustees of the College or by law. This information or these documents include the College’s administrative and financial records, the College’s employee salary and fringe benefit information, employee personnel files, files of the Committees on Personnel and on Personnel for Physical Education, and student files or transcripts in the offices of the Dean of Admission, the Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of Students, the Registrar, Student Financial Services, and the Center for Purposeful Work.

The Director’s access to confidential material will be in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. The request for information will be made in writing to the College officer responsible for the maintenance and security of the confidential material. The request will be for specific material and for a specific purpose directly related to the implementation and oversight of affirmative action policies of the College as stated in this policy. If access involves a request to review evaluations of specific individuals, written permission must be secured from those individuals by the director and must accompany the request. If access involves a review of areas of concern or categories of personnel, the purpose and date of the review by the director will be noted in the files.
  2. Access to confidential material is under the supervision of the relevant College officer. It is the joint responsibility of the director and the officer to assure the continuing confidentiality of the material. Material will be reviewed in the office where it normally is kept, with no duplication of files or other confidential information permitted.

The Affirmative Action policy is also documented in the Bates College Employee Handbook.