3rd Annual Maine EuroConference

Maine EuroConference
Bates College
January 28, 2017



Commons 221
9:15-10:45 Session 1
PANEL 1: Interpreting Politics and Culture
Commons 221

Dennis Browne, Russian Studies, Bates College
A Russian Chain Match: How Western and Russian Popular Media “Wrestle” the Issues

Sonja Pieck, Environmental Studies, Bates College
Nature/Culture/Memory: Germany’s Contested Borderlands

Kati Vecsey, Theater and Dance, Bates College
“Come to Hungary, We’ve Got Jobs in London!”

11:00-12:30 Session 2
PANEL 2a: State and Society in Russia and Eastern Europe
Commons 221

James Richter, Politics, Bates College
Putin’s Official Civil Society:  Choosing Sovereignty

Laura Henry, Government and Legal Studies, Bowdoin College
How Environmental NGOs Respond to Russia’s Foreign Agent Law

Besir Ceka, Political Science, Davidson College
The Electoral Behavior of Eastern Europe’s Dissatisfied Citizens

PANEL 2b: Literature and the Structures of Daily Life
Commons 211

Raluca Cernahoschi, German Studies, Bates College
The Gendered Construction of Space in Early 20th-Century Transylvanian Literature

Farah Ben Jemaa, French and Francophone Studies, Bates College
René Char and the Childhood Home

Jens Klenner, German, Bowdoin College
Sleepless in the Office: 20th-Century Intellectual Labor

12:30-1:45 LUNCH
Commons 221
1:45-3:30 Session 3
PANEL 3: Past and Present
Commons 221

Raffael Scheck, History, Colby College
Collaboration of the Heart: The Forbidden Love Relations between French Prisoners and German Women in World War II

Elena Cueto-Asín, Romance Languages and Literatures, Bowdoin College
Historical Fiction and Television in Spain: Collective Memory and Heritage

David George, Spanish, Bates College
The Impossible “Piedmontesizzazione” of Spain: the Figure of King Amadeo I according to Benito Pérez Galdós and Lluís Miñarro

Commons 221

Maple Razsa, Global Studies, Colby College
Toward a Sensory and Interactive Ethnography of the Maribor Uprisings