European Studies Electives

AVC 280, The Art of the Eighteenth Century
AVC 281, Realism and Impressionism
AVC 282, Modern European Art
AVC 284, Revolutions and Romanticisms
AVC 290, Modern Architecture
AVC s28, Desiring Italy
ECON 221, The World Economy
ENG 121H, The Brontës
ENG 121K, Frankenstein’s Creatures
ENG 220, Dickens Revised
ENG 238, Jane Austen: Then and Now
ENG 243, Romantic Literature (1790–1840)
ENG 245, Sexuality in Victorian Literature
ENG 254, Modern British Literature since 1900
ENG 264, Modern Irish Poetry
ES/RU 216, Nature in Russian Culture
ES/RU s20, Environment and Culture in Russia
EUS 120, Kusturica: Gentle Barbarian or Barbaric Gentleman?
EUS 248, Narratives of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire
EUS s20, Transylvanian Journey: Myth, Reality, and the Traveler “beyond the Forest”
FRE 251, Introduction to French Literature II
FRE 261, French Civilization: The Changing Face of French Identity
FRE s36, The Evolution of French Cinema
GER 241, German Modernisms
GER 244, Staged Marriages
GER 262, The Split Screen: Reconstructing National Identities in West and East German Cinema
GER 264, World War I in German Culture
GER 270, Living with the Nazi Legacy
HIST 217, Race in Modern Europe, 1750 to Today
HIST 234, The Enlightenment
HIST 235, Britain in the World/The World in Britain, 1790–1990
HIST 254, Revolutionary Europe and Its Legacies, 1789–1989
HIST 256, British Modernity 1688–Today
MUS 210, Classical Music in Western Culture
PHIL 273, Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century
PLTC 125, States and Markets
PLTC 222, International Political Economy
PLTC 232, The Politics of Post-Communism
PLTC 260, Nationalism and Nation Building
PLTC 295, Reading Marx, Rethinking Marxisms
PLTC 333, State Formation, State Development, State Collapse
SPAN 251, Spanish Short Story
SPAN 345, Twentieth-Century Spanish Drama
SPAN 362, Culture in Franco Spain
SPAN 368, Realismo
SPAN s20, Envisioning Catalan Modernity
SPAN s29, Cinema in Spain
THEA 220, The Modern Stage
THEA s33, Central European Theater and Film